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USB Flashlight Working Principle

Jun 26, 2017

USB Flashlight Working principle

Usb flashlight editing

[working principle] usb flashlight adopts the principle of manual power generation. After the rectifier, it is used to charge energy storage for the built-in 40MAH nickel hydrogen charging battery, which can be used as the power supply when the LED luminescent tube is illuminated.

Use scope of use and environmental requirements 】 【 scope: widely used in place of emergency lighting and emergency battery charge environmental requirements: 1, temperature: - 20-55 ℃, humidity: < 80%

1. Shell components: the upper case, the lower shell, the gear plate cover, the decorative parts, etc. 2. Power generation components: generator, gear and gear plate cover parts, etc. 3. Circuit components: rectifier circuit, LED control drive circuit, etc. 4, lighting component 2 Φ 5 luminous tube, lens, condenser, cranium, etc.

[product function] usb flashlight can realize the following functions: power generation energy storage lighting for 2 lamps.

[product features] 1. Energy storage of hand voltage. 2, the illumination brightness is high, the highest effective brightness can reach 9600LUX. 3. Easy to use, no need to change batteries, hand pressure can be charged. 4. Long service life. 5. Novel, small and delicate, feel good. 6. With a rope belt, it is easy to carry.

【 main technical parameters 】 1. Illumination; The maximum brightness of A and 2 lamps can reach 20000mcd. B. The handle is about 2 times per second. The power stored in 1 minute can light up 2 lights and light up for 4 minutes. Note: the handle must be pressed when the handle is pressed. C, lighting: 20 meters. 2. Service life: switch 10000 times. The lights are 100, 000 hours. Plastic for 5 years. Overall use 5 years. 3. Pull: the rope belt can hold up to 5 kg of tension.

[usage] lighting and charging use: 1. Dial the clasp, the handle automatically pops up, one hand holds the flashlight, and the handle is about 2 times/second constant pressing the handle to remember to generate electricity. 2. Move the two lights up at the same time, and turn the lights down simultaneously. Press the handle, move the card up, and lock the handle.

When pressing the handle, apply constant pressure, such as strong pressure, which will lead to lower product life. 2, or the flashlight should be recharged by hand to prolong the life of the battery (1 minute per hand). 3. Do not place the product in high temperature and high humidity in case the damp reduces its life. 4. Do not immerse the product in water.

Principle of electric rod making:

The circuit device in figure 1 can output nearly 10,000 volt high voltage pulse for self-defence. The whole device is made of a flashlight, a dual-use device.

Circuit principle: BG1, BG2, B1 form ac, dc convertor, B1 lift

The QL bridge rectifier is charged to C2. BG3 and BG4 make up a large multivibrator with a large hollow coefficient, and its output pulse triggers the thyristor 3CT5 guide. Capacitance C2 is the primary discharge of 3CT5 and B2, B3 and B4. Therefore, the secondary phases of B2, B3 and B4 output are almost 10,000 volts. Use the lighting torch when function selector switch K is placed in position 1.

The selection and production of the component: transformer B1 USES medium wave magnetic rod to intercept 20mm and 30mm long, and the coil is wound with epoxy resin. Each winding data is shown in the graph. It's better to do the E11 core. B2, B3 and B4 are sold in the city with XD type 380V / 6.3 V indicator lamp transformer. The initial stage is reversed, and the original 6.3 V subseries is used for primary, the original 380V primary series is secondary. When connecting, pay attention to the secondary electrical potential in series, otherwise the output voltage is insufficient. The beta value of BG1 and BG2 should be greater than 60, and the performance is as close as possible.