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Principle Solar Flashlight

Jun 28, 2016

The basic principle of solar flashlight, sunlight on the surface of a semiconductor pn junction flashlight solar panels, forming a new hole - electron pairs, under the action of the pn junction electric field, holes from the p region to the n-region, by the electronic n region to the p region, connected to the circuit after the formation of the current. Current stored in the battery, the flashlight to emit light when needed, connected to the circuit to drive the LED light. 2 are similar in appearance and structure of the structure of the solar flashlights solar flashlight ordinary flashlight, the outer wall of the handle is usually fitted with solar panels, and some will be made into a dual-purpose batteries and solar flashlights. Consisting essentially of solar panels, batteries (commonly used lithium batteries), LED drive circuit, LED bulbs. 3 solar flashlight solar flashlight features a new structure, small size, light weight, high brightness, lighting a long time, portable and convenient. Just be able to charge in the sun without having to replace the battery, saving battery purchase costs, but also reduce the environmental pollution of used batteries. 4 Solar Flashlight Application