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Powerful Flashlight The Body Is Light And Strong

Aug 30, 2017

Powerful Flashlight The body is light and strong

Do you know the flashlight? Do you know what it is for outside of lighting? We have to understand that the use of flashlight to the extreme, then what is its use it? Tell you the use of light flashlight. 1. Outdoor sports, mountaineering: body light and strong, waterproof and anti-damage, outdoor lighting is the best choice for lighting.

2. Field help: optical glass lenses and focusing system using high-tech process technology, light range, can be used as lights and lights for help.

3. Military equipment: a waterproof, explosion-proof, drop, anti-rolling characteristics, can be used as the military police escort security team essential equipment.

4. Defense weapons: lumens up to 400, as a strong light strobe, can be used for security weapons, blind blind enemy eyes.

5. Women dedicated: a powerful beam can deter robbers or satyrs, solid body can beat the bad guys.

6. riding a search, search and rescue work: light bulb strong, stable beam, can be used as field and indoor search and rescue, search, night riding a search for the necessary products.

7. Home essential: LED light bulb light, as a home flashlight or power off the standby lights, two birds with a very appropriate.

8. Car owners: night parking can use the light when the camera and the use of high-strength aluminum alloy body, in distress can be used as a survival tool, escape is not in this day before drowned these uses.

 Now many types of flashlight market, which is popular flashlight flashlight, many people like to use the light, but do not know how to choose, today Xiaobian to teach you how to choose the right flashlight, we pay attention Looked slightly

In fact, the method of selecting the flashlight can also have five points, one is to see light color; white, white, or warm white? LED is the more white the better? Brand is not right? Second, look at the dimming mode; You need more polished flashlight? Fourth, life expectancy, design life how long? Fifth, the low temperature environment to talk about flashlight, the majority of the stall? How does the battery degrade performance in a low temperature environment?