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Powerful Flashlight Performance Characteristics

Aug 16, 2017

Powerful Flashlight Performance characteristics

Laser flashlight's official name is "laser pointer" (Laser pointer) (Laser pointer), and the general laser pen and the star pen is different from its shell and ordinary flashlight similar to the larger, usually relatively large power. Is the visible laser designed to be portable, hand easy to grip, laser module (diode) processed into a pen-type transmitter. Common laser indicators are red (650-660nm), green (532nm), blue (445-450nm) and blue violet (405nm) and so on. Usually in the newspaper, teaching, guided tours will use it to cast a spot or a light pointing to the object, but it may damage or affect the place of the guide, such as the Museum of Art (some paintings for light), zoos and so on Should not be used.

Laser flashlight is a semiconductor laser, which is different from the laser pen because the volume is easier to heat, laser module directly with the aluminum flashlight shell

(Laser pen is a copper shell)! Laser flashlight power is generally more than 5mw to a few hundred milliwatts is not better than the laser pen is better than the laser pen And some laser flashlight (such as Blu-ray laser flashlight) power up to 1w; while some laser flashlight also has a focus function, laser beam strong and clear, far range, most of them are using rechargeable lithium battery (such as 18650 model rechargeable battery) Part and has a security lock, its shape like flashlight named. Features:

Efficient energy: the use of imported high-brightness light source LED, energy efficient, A-type effective irradiation distance of up to 250 meters or more, light, low light can be freely converted;

Long life: light source life of up to 100,000 hours.

Excellent performance: fully sealed design, waterproof up to 1 meter. Battery with high-capacity environmentally friendly lithium battery, long life, low self-discharge rate.

Flexible and lightweight: the depth of the shell anti-skid handling, light and beautiful; carry the way in addition to hand-held outside can also choose the tail lanyard hand or long rope shoulder.

Intelligent control: the use of chip control, with a constant current output, to prevent overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection, the battery is fully charged and automatically converted to trickle charge.