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Police Flashlights The Use Of Precautions

May 19, 2017

 Police Flashlights The front of the attack head, with the attack pain, uniform effect; the use of flashlight, Aviation aluminum alloy material, waterproof and anti-drop; lamp life of 100,000 hours, brightness: 130 lumens. Continuous highlight lighting more than 5 hours, repeated charging 1000 times.

 Police Flashlights Battery installed

Unscrew the tail cover, pay attention to the positive and negative battery, the battery into, screw on the tail cover

turn on

Flashlight in the closed state, press the middle of the rubber cap, hear the "click it" sound, said flashlight open, repeat the above steps that is closed


Police Flashlights When you press the switch light for the low light. Need to switch the light as long as the light switch can reach the tactical burst. Function followed by low light, strong light, burst flash.

How to charge

① Remove the flashlight tail cover and remove the battery

② the battery into a dedicated charging box (Note: into the battery must be positive and negative battery positive and negative positive and negative battery box, or not charge)

③ Remove the charger Insert the two pins into the electrical connection and insert the jack into the battery compartment jack. When charging the charger above the red light, when the indicator light from red to green, that charge is completed, then you can remove the battery for use.

(Note: the battery charging time is about 8 hours)

 Police Flashlights Precautions:

1, do not direct light into the human eye, strong light will cause permanent damage to the eyes.

2, the lamp is strictly prohibited dismantling, so as to avoid refraction cup or light bulb damage.

3, when the bulb can not maintain high brightness, the lighting, please replace the battery charge, to avoid over-discharge caused by damage to the battery.