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Police Flashlights Dimming Mode

Sep 21, 2017

Police Flashlights Dimming mode

How to choose the correct police flashlight

        Now a lot of the type of flashlight market, which police flashlight was the public love, many people like to use the light, but do not know how to choose, today Xiaobian teach you how to correct the police flashlight, we pay attention Looked slightly

In fact, the method of selecting the flashlight can also have five points, one is to see light color; white, white, or warm white? LED is the more white the better? Brand is not correct? Second, look at the dimming mode; You need more polished flashlight? Fourth, life expectancy, design life how long? Five is the low temperature environment on the flashlight, the majority of the stall? How does the battery degrade performance in a low temperature environment?

        Met a lot of people buy flashlights and even buy a lot of police flashlight people, their selection of flashlight is nothing more than two, one is to see the price, one is to choose the brand, as long as the price of your good quality flashlight are Own favorite. Originally this is understandable, choose the flashlight is the need for careful study, how many people will take a flashlight against the forum a study is a few months?

        Now we all know how to choose the right police flashlight it, its appearance gives a gorgeous and yet the beauty of the United States. Whenever you hold it, I suddenly remembered the two most admired children: Gadfly and Byron, the former is from the weak sensitive become Biao wild, such as leopard hero, the latter is a hand gun to write poetry warrior. Military flashlight As the name suggests is the military use of the flashlight, higher than the average flashlight, more on a grade, military flashlight is a high-tech crystal, not only very durable, and adapt to any harsh environment, then the military light flashlight How to use it? Photoelectric police use police flashlight to use the method.

Military light flashlight

    1, the battery installation: unscrew the tail cover, pay attention to the battery's positive and negative, the battery into, screw on the tail cover

    2, open: flashlight in the closed state, press the middle of the rubber cap, heard "click it" sound, said flashlight open, repeat the above steps that is closed

    3, the shot: the use of the switch when the switch light for the low light. Need to switch light as long as the light switch can reach the tactical burst. Features followed by low light, light, burst flash.

   4, how to charge:

① Remove the flashlight tail cover and remove the battery

② the battery into a dedicated charging box (Note: into the battery must be positive and negative battery positive and negative positive and negative battery box, or not charge)

③ Remove the charger Insert the two pins into the electrical connection and insert the jack into the battery compartment jack. When charging the charger above the red light, when the indicator light from red to green, that charge is completed, then you can remove the battery for use. Currently on the market supply of police flashlight with a city charger and car charger, you can not take out the battery, you can directly charge.