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Outdoor Flashlight Common Performance Indicators

Jun 28, 2016

Outdoor camping or hiking, lighting tools is essential, how to select the appropriate lighting tools, so many outdoor enthusiasts big headache. Participate in outdoor activities, choose a good relationship lighting tool will give your event a lot of convenience.

1. brightness. In case there is no outdoor auxiliary light source, usually selected flashlight or headlamp, so we can more clearly see the illuminated place, night light on wild animals will have some deterrent effect.

2. endurance. Recommended Use 18650 battery (large capacity), now a flashlight or headlamp in order to increase battery life, have increased a 18650 battery or battery backup is provided to increase the life time or, worse, the use of batteries in parallel sections 418 650 head lights, life basically no problem. In addition to the battery, adjust the brightness of the lamp beads also related to the time of life, and in some environment we need to meet the low-brightness lighting needs, but in some harsh environments we need high intensity lighting to ensure safe, this time, can adjust the light brightness of the flashlight is particularly important, both to help us to improve battery life, but also to meet different needs.