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LED Flashlight The Main Thing Is

Sep 21, 2017

LED Flashlight The main thing is

LED flashlight with multi-diodes, color temperature is high. Giving the visual experience is very bright, this is his characteristics. There is that he is very energy efficient, a five battery can also serve more than ten hours. The other is the magnesium alloy metal shell, the appearance of small wind and rain anti-corrosion, it is suitable for outdoor use. But the biggest shortcoming of this product is the irradiation distance is very small, generally about 20 meters. Far away to see the clear. The above is the shortcomings of this flashlight itself. Here are some small factories to see the profits also followed the production, prices continue to decline, resulting in flashlight aluminum alloy material, and the lack of weight, the other is to meet a lot of people feel bright psychology, the current adjustment, so that LED more bright. In fact, LED flashlight diode in the entire cost is not the highest. But the shell magnesium alloy. The most important is the weight and process. Manufacturers are more than the regular production, the component is relatively foot, the other process is very particular about. And some small factory process is very rough. And LED is to control the current, or very easy to burn out. So the choice of LED must pay attention to the above points. [5] Another LED multi-lamp and single lamp 1W difference, single light 1W is a new light source, foreign are very popular products. This LED is mainly a light, high power design. There is also a condenser. If the quality is good, can take more than 100 meters away. But the price is higher. Do a good drive circuit. The appearance is also very beautiful. And the metal oxide film is used as an external decoration. Wear durable. The choice of this product must look at the craft and workmanship and the size of the plant. Otherwise the quality can not be guaranteed. But the price is high.

LED flashlight use Note:

      ①. Do not overpressure use, the voltage should not exceed 4.2V.

      ②. Battery positive forward, not anti-set, despite the reverse function, or try not to try.

      ③. Note control the torch temperature changes, to ensure heat dissipation.

      ④. For the torch on the waterproof, shock and other instructions, to strengthen prevention.

      ⑤. The natural discharge rate of the lithium battery is about 1% or less of the charge per day when it is not used, although it is slow, but it is too long.

      ⑥. In use, when the torch brightness significantly darkened, to immediately charge. The use of lithium batteries when there is one third of the time to charge, that is, the battery voltage must be charged 3.0V, and can not be used to remember the battery did not remember the charge, this time the battery is easy to damage, The battery does not charge and damage.

      ⑦. Non-professionals do not open the circuit board.