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Led Flashlight Features Introduced

Jun 28, 2016

LED flashlight with multivessel diodes, the color temperature is high. It gives the visual experience is very bright, which is characteristic of him. There is that he is saving, a fifth battery life can be more than ten hours. The other is the magnesium alloy metal case, the appearance of small wind and rain corrosion, it can be suitable for outdoor use. But the biggest shortcoming of this product irradiation distance is very small, generally twenty meters. Far to see the. The above is a deficiency of this flashlight itself. Here are some small factories to see big profits also followed by production, falling prices, causing flashlight aluminum alloy material decreases, and less weight, the other is to cater to a lot of people feel bright psychology, the high current transfer, the LED more bright. In fact, LED flashlight diode in the overall cost is not in the highest. But magnesium alloy shell. The main components and processes are. Large production than regular, more adequate weight, the other process is very particular about. Some small factories process is very rough. There is to control the LED current, or very content burned. So we must pay attention to the choice of LED above points. [5] In addition more than the difference between LED lights and single lamp 1W, and 1W single light source is a new, very popular products abroad. This is a major LED lamps, high-power designs. Another poly mask. If the quality is good, it can be irradiated more than 100 meters away. But higher prices. Do good have the drive circuit. Appearance is also very beautiful. And with a metal oxide film as a decorative appearance. Durable wear. Choose this product must also look at technology and workmanship plant size. Otherwise, the quality can not be guaranteed. But the high prices.