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LED Flashlight Do Not Use Overpressure

Oct 24, 2017

LED Flashlight Do not use overpressure

LED flashlight use Note:

①. Do not overpressure use, the voltage should not exceed 4.2V.

②. Battery positive forward, not anti-set, despite the reverse function, or try not to try.

③. Note control the torch temperature changes, to ensure heat dissipation.

④. For the torch on the waterproof, shock and other instructions, to strengthen prevention.

⑤. The natural discharge rate of the lithium battery is about 1% or less of the charge per day when it is not used, although it is slow, but it is too long.

⑥. In use, when the torch brightness significantly darkened, to immediately charge. The use of lithium batteries when there is one third of the time to charge, that is, the battery voltage must be charged 3.0V, and can not be used to remember the battery did not remember the charge, this time the battery is easy to damage, The battery does not charge and damage.

⑦. Non-professionals do not open the circuit board.

1. the number of moderate. Household generally do not have more than 12, the use of the battery in 2 to 3 as well, and then a little waste, for other special needs can be determined according to their own needs.

2. Welding is tight. Each diode is connected by welding on the circuit board, if there is poor contact with the Weld, it may cause the electric beads do not shine or affect the overall use.

3. Earthen condenser surface as much as possible to concentrate. This flashlight is not like ordinary flashlight can adjust the focal length, purchase should be careful not to astigmatism.

4. Power switch contact to be obvious. This type of flashlight using rotary switch, tighten on the open, and then loose on the off, if the contact is not obvious, it is easy to cause when the phenomenon of light off.

5. Attention to waterproof. Because it belongs to the electronic products, flashlight front has a circuit board, once the water prone to short circuit, causing damage.

Outdoor camping or walking, lighting tools are indispensable, how to choose the right lighting tools, so many outdoor enthusiasts a big headache. To participate in outdoor activities, choose a good relationship between the lighting tools will give you a lot of convenience activities.

Brightness In the case of outdoor light without auxiliary light, the general choice of light flashlight or headlights, so that we can more clearly see the place of exposure, night light on the wild animals will have a certain deterrent effect.

Life experience. Recommended the use of 18650 battery (capacity), now flashlight or headlights in order to increase battery life, have increased a 18650 battery or provide a backup battery to increase battery life, what is more, with four 18650 battery parallel head Light, the basic life is no problem. In addition to the battery, the lamp brightness adjustment is also related to the time of life, in some environments we need low brightness lighting can meet the demand, but in some harsh environments we need high brightness lighting to ensure safety, At this time, to adjust the light intensity of the flashlight is particularly important, both to help us improve life, but also to meet different needs.