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LED Flashlight Caution

Jun 28, 2016

LED flashlight Caution:

①. Do not use excess pressure, voltage should not exceed 4.2V.

②. Battery cathode forward, not inverted, despite the reverse function, or try not to try.

③. Attentional control torch temperature changes, to ensure heat dissipation.

④. For description of the torch waterproof, shockproof, and prevention.

⑤. Natural lithium battery discharge rate when not in use, the approximate daily release its charge of 1% or less, although slowly, but the anti-place too long.

⑥. In use, when the brightness of the flashlight is obvious darken, to immediately charged. When using lithium batteries will be used to recharge the electric one-third, that is, the battery voltage is 3.0V must charge, and must not use the battery remaining charge are not remembered, this time the battery can be easily damaged, will Further damage to the battery charge does not occur.

⑦. Non-professionals do not open the circuit board.