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Flashlight Used Environment

Jun 26, 2017

Flashlight Used environment

Function to edit

According to the environment and scope used by the torch, it has the function of lighting, intimidation, alarm and high pressure self-defense.

This multi-function flashlight has the function of high pressure self-defence, which is in sync with the alarm sound. If criminals want to take advantage of the multi-function flashlight in the high pressure working function, that is it a loud alarm, there is no doubt for the gunman is fire, so, limits the gangster buying multi-function flashlight attempt to commit crime.

For a good man, a multifunctional flashlight, no matter day or night, walk on the rugged mountain or other places, meets the ferocious beast or criminals, can send out alarm to scare off in advance, if wild animals or gangster regardless of the alarm sound to attack or robbery, the good guy used high-pressure attack animals or gangsters, achieve personal self-defense, at the same time, louder alarm will also sent a rescue workers around that it is fully staffed.

In order to prevent bad people from buying the multi-function flashlight, the alarm part should be removed, leaving only the high pressure part to commit the crime. In the design, the high pressure of the removal of the alarm will be invalidated.

The development period was edited at the time

At present, high power, Gao Liuming, large capacity battery, super industrial design is developing rapidly, the outdoor sports, with 20% of the annual growth rate in the development, all of these promote the two-way flashlight products and market prosperity, shenzhen luminous technology such as a large number of high-tech, high levels of flashlight listed directly, more promote the market boom.

Adjective editing

It is generally described as someone who only sees the faults of others, amplifies the faults of others, but does not look at their own shortcomings.

Editor of purchase matters

1. See what you want to use, such as night riding, night fishing, outdoor camping, burrowing, patrolling, etc.

2. Looking at the battery, there are two kinds of ordinary batteries and lithium. Although lithium is a rechargeable battery, the life expectancy is low, about 2 years, LED life is about 10 years, which can be selected according to the actual situation.

3. If you look at the bulb, the light bulb goes out, the naked eye can hardly distinguish its good or bad, and can see the consistency of the bulb in the light of the light.

4. Look at the aperture, the good LED flashlight aperture is a uniform circle, the poor LED flashlight spot is divided into yellow and blue and uneven distribution.

5. Look at brightness. Good LED flashlight has a high brightness and slow decay.

Look for waterproof, good LED flashlight has waterproof function, good aseismatic performance, namely the fall.

Look at the look, this one is better than I will, I won't say more. I chose aluminum alloy case, beautiful and generous.

Choose a brand, the brand is another definition of quality, no good quality cannot be a well-known brand, so when choosing the flashlight, you need to know the brand flashlight. Depending on the level of your money, you can choose different brands of flashlight. Surefire, the king of the flashlight industry, of course, the price is also hegemon; Inova, the pioneer of American fashion flashlight, is not cheap; Maglite and LED Lenser are both civilian flashlight, but because they are foreign goods, the price is also very hot, of course, the quality is not as good as the domestic ones, such as the domestic, Fenix, Jetbeam, Olight, but also good. Fenix, nlide, Jetbeam, the leading domestic and high quality flashlight, are also more famous in the world, the price is not much, and it will be slightly lower than the other two.