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Flashlight The Origin Of The Torch

Jul 21, 2017

Flashlight The origin of the torch

More than 100 years ago, after Eddie invented the lights, the world's first torch appeared. An American called Hubert, one day in the way home from work to meet a friend. The friend invited him home and said to show him something interesting. Originally the friend made a glowing pot, he installed a small light bulb and a small battery at the bottom of the pot, when the current through the light bulb will emit light shining flowers, very beautiful. Hubert likes this pot that will glow, thus triggering his inspiration and invented the flashlight.

As the streets did not like now there are a lot of light lighting, people if the evening to take to the streets, had to hold the lamp, very inconvenient. So Hubert to borrow a friend that will glow the principle of making pots, the small bulbs and batteries into a small tube, the evening out for people to lighting, so, the world's first torch was born.

Laser flashlight editing

Laser torch cheap, has a very high cost, the main feature is excellent condenser performance, shooting distance of 1200m ~ 1500m, the naked eye observation, hundreds of meters outside the spot is still very small, it is widely used in teaching, tour guides, entertainment. The test, can be used for long-range protection and remote control of transmission data.

No battery flashlight editing

No battery flashlight design principle: the use of Faraday principle, closed coil in the magnetic field cutting magnetic field line

Generate induced current. So before and after the shaking inside the magnet, the coil can produce current, the current stored in the capacitor, you can supply the flashlight.

The new manual power flashlight is a flashlight with a manual power generation mechanism. The flashlight housing is characterized in that the flashlight housing is provided with a manual gear, the upper part of the manual rack is connected with a handle, the lower part of the rack has a compression spring, Gears, flywheel, flywheel transmission gears, respectively, through the gear shaft device in the torch housing gear bracket, the rear part of the torch device has a miniature DC motor, miniature DC motor shaft end with generator shaft end Gear, engaged with the gears, manual rack and double gear meshing.

Solar flashlight editing

Solar photovoltaic products to solar energy for the day through the solar cell components to accept solar radiation, the light energy into electricity, and in the controller under the management of the battery to continue to use, the use of the controller according to the procedures set the battery The power is released to supply power to the electrical equipment, and the inverter with the protective device can be supplied with power to the AC device.