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Flashlight The Introduction Of The Function

May 19, 2017

  Flashlight Flashlight, is a hand-held electronic lighting tool. A typical flashlight has a battery-powered bulb and focus mirror, and a hand-held handle for hand. Although it was quite simple to design, it was late until the late 19th century was invented because it had to be combined with the invention of the battery with the light bulb.

   Flashlight According to the environment and scope of the flashlight, it has the function of lighting, intimidation, alarm and high pressure self-defense.

  Flashlight This multi-function flashlight with high-pressure self-defense function, is synchronized with the alarm sound of the role. If the criminals want to use the multi-function flashlight in the high-voltage function of the crime, it will issue a loud alarm sound, no doubt the criminals are burned, so that restrictions on the criminals to buy multi-purpose flashlight crime attempt.

For good people, with a multi-purpose flashlight, regardless of day or night, walking in the rugged mountains or other places, met ferocious beasts or criminals, can be issued before the alarm to scare away, if the beast or criminals regardless of the alarm sound of good people Attack or robbery, the good people can use high-pressure attacks beasts or criminals, to achieve personal self-defense, at the same time, the loud alarm sound will also call around the rescue workers, it is multiple purposes.

  Flashlight In order to prevent the bad guys to buy multi-function flashlight, the alarm part of the removal, leaving only the high-pressure part of the crime, in the design of the demolition of the alarm part of the high pressure will be invalid.

  At present, high-power, high-lumen, high-capacity battery, super industrial design are in rapid development, outdoor sports to 20% annual growth rate in the development, which have promoted the flashlight products and market two-way prosperity, Shenzhen luminous technology A large number of high-tech, high-level flashlight directly listed, more to promote the market prosperity.