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Flashlight Luminous Mode

Sep 09, 2017

Flashlight Luminous mode

Flashlight mode of flashlight

 The light-emitting mode refers to the bright and dark state of light. Or keep it bright, or keep dark, or bright and dark alternately, which shades due to different brightness and brightness, alternating alternately because of the frequency of alternating and different, usually we will be divided into bright, bright, low, flash , Strobe and so on.

The demand for the luminous mode is actually in the first "flashlight" - when the torch was born, but since the flashlight before a single light mode and the luminous mode can not control, multi-mode demand has not been recognized. But the application of LED flashlight to a single light mode to be lifted, began to appear non-single mode multi-mode flashlight.

The birth of smart flashlight, will greatly increase the number of flashlight mode, flashlight will also be applied to a new field of application.

Multi-mode flashlight application

1) bright lighting mode: apply to daily life night out, floor inspection, corner search; outdoor climbing, hiking, cycling, cave, hunting and other occasions, long-range exposure.

2) in the bright lighting mode: for daily inspection meters, water heaters, air conditioning and other electrical appliances, daily vehicle maintenance; outdoor climbing, hiking, cycling, cave, hunting and other occasions close exposure.

3) low lighting mode: apply to the daily power outage after a long time lighting, night reading, night; outdoor camping, night fishing, check the map and so on.

4) burst flash mode: for arrest, close defense, forced parking, emergency signals.

5) Strobe mode: combined with Morse code, can be used in flashlight communications, identification, cipher, SOS help, etc., for outdoor activities and lighting performances, field, night games and other recreational activities.

Related news It is understood that, LED flashlight has just entered China, using a number of world-leading technology. Such as simplified the way the charge of the split style design, SOS emergency call and tactical switch, but also waterproof and dustproof, resistant to impact scratches and other functions, in the safety performance and product features are very powerful.

Professionals pointed out that the hope that more high-performance LED flashlight added to the general consumer life which, from another point of view, along with the government's low-carbon green policy and consumer awareness of the concept of environmental protection, low Carbon, high-performance LED flashlight

Tube product sales will have a greater development.