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Flashlight How To Identify

Sep 28, 2017

Flashlight How to identify

How was the flashlight invented?

When the power outage at home, we will use what to lighting it? Yes, the answer is a flashlight.

More than 100 years ago, the plastic flashlight in Edison invented the lights, the world's first flashlight appeared.

An American named Hubert, one day met a friend on his way home from get off work. The friend invited him home and said to show him something interesting. Originally the friend made a glowing pot, he installed a small light bulb and a small battery at the bottom of the pot, when the current through the light bulb will emit light shining flowers, very beautiful.

Hubert liked the pot that would glow, thus triggering his inspiration and invented the flashlight. Because the streets did not like now there are a lot of light lighting, people if the evening to take to the streets, had to hold the lamp, very inconvenient. So Hubert used a friend to do the principle of bright pots, the small bulbs and batteries into a small cheese, the evening out of lighting, the world's first torch was born. How to identify the flashlight is good or bad

The flashlight is battery powered, arrives at the bulb, the plastic flashlight then lights up the light. 2013 flashlight to be carried out rapidly, more and more people to participate in the production of LED flashlight flashlight production and other aspects of the development. With the increase in shopping malls, many small manufacturers in order to reduce costs, produced a large number of substandard goods into the mall, especially Taobao and other sellers, simply reach the pervasive situation, in order to make the average consumer to buy a satisfactory product.

In the domestic plastic flashlight wholesale market a lot, basically every place a large commodity market can buy to, but that is the price is not too cheap it wants. Generally the country is relatively large wholesale market and more concentrated in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, these flashlight manufacturing more developed place, where the supply is more, and the price does not post the virtual will be more low.

In addition to the Shenzhen market for flashlight wholesale, but also through the network, and now many manufacturers have their own company's Web site, you can directly through these sites and businesses to contact, so as to get first-hand sources, in terms of price More advantage. But this may have a certain risk, we must ensure that they are really in the company's manufacturers and the contact, but also in the receipt when the inspection link is also very important, need to be more cautious.

There are some Alibaba and Taobao on the wholesale flashlight can refer to the price of these places is generally very low, piracy is also more, no-name, but if the work is strong and durable, it would be a good choice, after all, not Everyone value the brand name, more people are fancy safe and practical.

So, the domestic flashlight wholesale there are many ways to see how you choose, no matter what the way, product quality and safety assurance are necessary to consider the first condition.