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Flashlight Divided Into Several Types

Aug 16, 2017

Flashlight Divided into several types

With the development of science and technology, flashlight has been popular to our lives. So now people need to face the problem is no longer how to buy the product, but how to buy a good product is a key issue.

First of all, the flashlight is divided into several types, the first is our life is very common small type, is like a small key, this product is generally a small battery, there are three small Button batteries. The advantages and disadvantages of this LED flashlight is very obvious, we can directly feel. It is very small, very convenient to carry our usual use, but it is the effect of the condenser is very poor, but also a very good is the consumption of electricity is greater. So, then, sometimes the case of emergency, we can still choose such a small product, because it can meet the needs of our case that is usually not a lot of use, so most of the time we are put up The The second type is to manually turn the mechanical energy into electricity, this flashlight is divided into two types, even if all through the mechanical movement to produce electricity, but still not the same. The price of this category of products is relatively low, but it needs to have been mechanical movement.

The third is a lot of lamp products, the number from a dozen to dozens of are ranging, of course, up to no more than 50 in the general case. So that the number of lamp cap so much, the general switch is set in the rear or side, so use it is more convenient. Of course, this product is not the more the better the lamp, according to their own needs to set.

General plastic flashlight commonly used light source has the following:

1. LED: flashlight is the longest use of high-power LED and straw hat-type LED. Straw hat type LED brightness is generally low, in a few lumens around, a little higher there may be twenty or thirty lumens, relatively cheap, low brightness The most commonly used is the high-power LED, divided into domestic and imported. Domestic LED cheap, but the brightness, technology, and light color consistency can not be said in all aspects, used in flashlights, are generally used to do low-end flashlight. In the high-end flashlight generally use imported LED, which one of the best, SST series of higher brightness, but the price is more expensive, the manufacturers of less shipments, cost-effective than CREE. As for other brands, such as SSC, Nichia, etc., relatively less.

2. XENON yellow xenon. Similar to halogen bulbs. In the early flashlight is more common, and now also, the price is low, but the light source life is shorter, generally continuous light in the tens to hundreds of hours, and LED can not be compared, but many friends like this light source adaptability and warm Light, reliability is also better.

3.HID (high pressure gas discharge lamp): is the car with the white light, the brightness is the highest, the higher models have thousands of lumens, but made flashlight, bulky, slow start, life only LED A few tenths.