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Flashlight According To The Desired Purpose

Aug 30, 2017

Flashlight According to the desired purpose


A good flashlight, not a expensive flashlight, but also a good workmanship flashlight. Suitable for their own use, is the best.

In order to let a novice who has never touched the flashlight can quickly find the cheese for their own, so the following will be purchased from the purpose of your flashlight and request to write. You just need to find the title according to your request, you can find what you need, for your cheese. For what is the problem of science, only talk can be held in the hands of the flashlight, talk about the lamp beads or large portable lights.

Always said: you need a flashlight, then there must be a reason for it. Here only talk about the needs of the use:

First, walking lighting with flashlight (requires a wide light, good color)

Second, EDC with (EDC means to carry every day to prepare for contingencies)

Third, the search with (hunting, etc., need to highlight, must be long-range)

Four, car with (always on the car, useful to get the cheese)

Five, give MM with flashlight (MM at night will think of you)

Six, strong attack or self-defense with flashlight (pure YY, non-YY professional do not enter)

Seven, special work needs (such as levee patrol, raid, on-site inspection, security, sea first aid, night aiming, etc.);

Eight, outdoor activities (mountain climbing, camping, survival, walking, submerged sea, hook, etc.);

9, professional needs (such as appreciation of jewelry, mineral identification, etc.)

Use the environment

A brief description of the use of flashlight environment. Such as indoor, get off work late at night (there is no street), outdoor (walking Gongga, on the four girl mountain, weekend suburban camping or night fishing, etc.)

Use frequency and time

Each time using the average flashlight time, daily or monthly use of flashlight and so on

The requirements for the battery

In general, flashlight batteries are mainly divided into disposable lithium batteries, rechargeable lithium batteries and ordinary AA batteries (5 alkaline batteries or nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries). Different batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. Lithium batteries are relatively expensive, but light weight; rechargeable lithium batteries use low cost, light weight, but requires a certain charging conditions; AA batteries easy to get and cheap, but the weight is large, providing the performance of lithium batteries as high.