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Fishing Light The Brightness Of Industry Standard

Jun 26, 2017

Fishing Light The brightness of industry standard

The fishing lamps in the market are jumbled and dazzled. The following is my technique of night fishing lamp, ask to teach!

The brightness of the luminance industry standard is based on the brightness flow calculation, the lumming is the unit of luminous flux, and the simple understanding is how much light is emitted from the front of the flashlight. The greater the number of lumens, the stronger the flashlight is. However, because the light area formed by the flashlight includes the spot area and the direct area, the brightness difference is very large. The lumen value is the sum of the two. If you compare the emitted light to the water flowing out of a water pipe, the power of the flashlight is the same as the flow of water from the pipe. Fishing the brightness of the light try to choose the bright high value product, the product with high brightness can see ticket clearly in the twilight, Ming rhe small dusk when they can't see the drift, only after it got dark, but it is not as bright as possible, too bright especially, blu-ray, anti advised to choose a free flow value between 180-300, the best results: flow range: 240-240 range as long as possible, save the charging time, the stronger the battery life is higher. Do more than 20 hours on the market with better battery life, do more than 30 hours are rare, more than 10 hours of dominant on the market is much section by section 2/3, 18650, 8 to 10 hours is generally small size fishing lights were lighter, used batteries is 18500. And poetic fishing lamp first to accomplish more than 25 hours of effect, using imported 4 section 18650 lithium-ion batteries, battery life in the industry, the stand or fall of life depends on how well with the battery. According to the distance This parameter in the applications of fishing lights seem to be some weak, general blue lights can meet the requirements, fishing fishing just as within 10 meters, guang-zhao huang close clear, according to the distance to worse, do not recommend using guang-zhao huang 6.3 M above the fishing rod. Spot of light spot: light spot size this should choose according to individual interest to choose bright spot small: the area of small light spot of the area small light spot is good, need to throw a pole to be accurate. Flare: according to the large area of brightness, do not require very accurate cast rod, good fishing the light spot should be convex type, this is the obvious sex symbol of foreign high power LED lamp bead, convex type lamp bead, durable, and brightness guaranteed. Lamp shell lamp shell as far as possible choose the aluminum alloy shell, good heat dissipation, the thicker the shell heat dissipation, the better, the poetic fishing lamp shell using aluminum alloy material, the heat dissipation effect to far in excess of the shell, plastics, to ensure that the internal parts in good condition and durability. Light color Blue light yellow white light violet light of the market, if you are at the beginning of fishermen don't know to choose which color good advice you choose blue, blue is the best selling popular color is light, watching clear; If you think blue light is too bad for your eyes, it will take a few minutes for your eyes to get a few minutes to see things. Light is good for your eyes, but it is not recommended to watch the long rod with yellow light more than 6.3 meters. Purple light also has some fishing friends in use, the difference between effect and blue light is not big. If you are a fishing guru, it is recommended to use blue light and yellow light fishing lamps so that you can do whatever you want in any environment.

The dustproof and waterproof industrial grade of waterproof excellent night fishing lamp can reach IP64: that is, the dustproof is level 6: dust is closed: the low pressure of 20 millibar inside the cabinet should not enter the dust. Waterproofing is level 4: prevent splattering water intrusion to prevent splattering in all directions. If the fish-friend accidentally put the lamp to water, should be in time to remove the moisture on the internal device from the dry cloth and air dry for half a day, the lamp that waterproof treatment can work as normal as normal.