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Fishing Light Carry Convenience

Jul 21, 2017

Fishing Light Carry convenience

Fishing lights have a high degree of change with the characteristics of two kinds of light projection. In order to facilitate the use of different ways, lamppost part is divided into three sections, may have different height changes, the base is white silver fox gray marble. The most brilliant is the shade design, composed of two shades, the hood is full of holes in the hemisphere, one can provide light bulb, and second through the round hole oblique oval

Round light and shadow, so it is not just a meal lamp, lamp cover above the beautiful ambient light (atmosphere light) projection to the ceiling people elated.

Now you can often see Arco at home! You will feel strange, why Europe on the castle lights, in this modern decoration which is also welcome? Many designers found that the Arco lights on the modern simple home, but also quite ride, stainless steel and chrome material shade, is a modern style show, and in a square of modern home, to a large The amplitude of the curve appears to be full of tension, so almost no style, Arco are very popular, its shape, is a symbol of the era of bold, humorous and fusion!

The fishing light, also known as Arco, was designed by the Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni brothers in 1962, and it was popular with people's imagination and became an epoch-making classics.

Saying that Europe over a hundred years of history of luxury villas everywhere, but based on the law to protect the cultural relics restrictions, can not say demolition on the demolition, so lighting equipment to become a decoration of the challenge.

The descendants of the castle, the dining is still used in the huge long table, especially when the banquet people coming and going, lighting, of course, to show elegant, bright atmosphere. Therefore, a need not from the ceiling wiring, but also show elegant meal will become a demand.

Castiglioni brothers think for a while, the lights to be able to replace the ceiling chandeliers, it is bound to be high enough; to bright enough, so the shade, such as enlarged salad-like condenser; to have a gorgeous texture, Form it!

Consolidated demand and aesthetic results Arco height is 2.5 meters, the center of gravity of the lamp in the huge marble base, the whole plus about 65 kg weight, is a huge arc of the huge lights. Placed in the European castle, the curve coincides with the classical lines of the room echo, and its concept, but it is from Miesfandro advocated by modernism | Less Is More, with very simplified lines, resentful display of the design Inspiration!

1, carrying convenience;

2, charging method: home charge or home charge + car charger

3, shell material: aluminum, plastic;

4, light source: type: LED, halogen bulb, xenon lamp beads;

5, color: warm, blue, purple;

6, lighting time;

7, charging time;

8, the service life: light source life, battery life;

9, control methods;