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Fishing Light Basic Principles And Structure

Jul 06, 2017

Fishing Light Basic principles and structure

To be familiar with the use of fishing lights, we must first understand the basic principles and structure of fishing lights. At present the mainstream of the fishing lights are generally high-power LED lights, lithium-ion batteries, control circuit, aluminum alloy shell, reflective cup, circuit box, switch and other components, the basic principle is the current from the battery, and then reach the circuit, Voltage and current, and then output to the LED light body, the lighting lighting. Regardless of the manufacturer of the product structure is similar, the difference lies only in the selection, materials, technology, control circuit of the subtleties can be done perfect.

 The following for the mainstream fishing lamp principle and structure of a variety of different fishing lights on a few basic functions and the use of Note: (A) should choose aluminum alloy shell fishing lights: whether it is focus on the structure of the SMD LED lights or use Lamp cup light LED lamp beads, the light generated when the heat is very large (lamp beads internal temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius), if not timely cooling, lamp beads will soon decay. So you should choose to use aluminum alloy shell fishing lights, so you can achieve the effect of cooling, aluminum alloy shell thicker the better the better heat. So when using the fishing lamp shell fever is normal, not fever problems, if the temperature is too high, it is recommended to use a wet towel to speed up the cooling rate. (* Personal opinion: LED brightness and life can not appear to reduce the main consideration of the heat problem, it is not recommended to use a waterproof function of fishing lights, because the effect of water to achieve the need to increase in many parts of the waterproof apron, seriously affected (2) fishing lights are generally blue and white light (or blue and yellow light), the individual suggested that the choice of blue and yellow light is better, because the blue light staring at the watch for too long will hurt his eyes, accidentally shines to the eyes It is necessary to slow a few minutes to see things, it is recommended to use the light to ease, so good eyes, but not recommended with yellow light more than 6.3 meters long pole looked hard; purple also some fishing in use, the effect and blue There is not much difference. If you are fishing master recommended with blue + yellow light fishing lights, so that in any environment can be free to use, and white light penetration is too strong, the light through the water will be scared of fish, causing the fish do not eat bait. (3) fishing lights are generally equipped with bait lights, are generally 5.5DC plug, with a switch is better, to use when the lights, do not have to close, or long-term lit will bring mosquitoes. But the 5.5DC plug has a drawback, that is, their own rotation, it is difficult to fix in a position, you can use a tie or transparent adhesive tape fixed use. But some of the better fishing lights in the lamp body with a separate switch work lights, both can play the role of bait lights, but also as an outdoor light use, this design is very user-friendly.

4) fishing lights are divided into fixed focus and zoom two, fixed focus is that the focal length is fixed, the size of the spot at the same distance is the same. The advantage is that the color in the spot is more uniform, the spot concentration is good. The disadvantage is that the environment can not be adjusted according to the site, the spot is small, need to throw polished pole. Spot large: according to the area of large brightness is not concentrated, but not bright enough. Can not adapt to different environmental requirements. Adjustable fishing lights that can be based on their own needs and changes in the environment to adjust the focal length of the fishing lights, this fishing light is more suitable for the needs of fishing enthusiasts, if you can match the brightness of the function can be more perfect. Zoom the use of the general method there are two, one is the rotation of the focus ring to adjust the distance between the LED holder and the lens to focus, the advantage is fine-tuning high precision, feel good, you can complete the one-handed operation. The disadvantage is poor water resistance. The other is through the lens and LED lamp holder distance to focus, the advantages of easy disassembly, the disadvantage is too tight because of fine-tuning caused by high precision, feel bad, generally need to complete the hands of the operation.