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Battery Comprehensive Performance Is Best

Jul 21, 2017

Battery Comprehensive performance is best

Lithium-ion battery than other batteries have a higher than the specific energy, power and other prominent advantages, since the early 20th century, the early development of the early 90s has become the best overall performance of the battery system. In particular, the development of polymer lithium-ion battery technology, because of its light, thin, the battery can be designed into any shape and the advantages of good security, making the application of lithium-ion battery to further expand the field. Lithium-ion battery production and sales continue to maintain high growth.

     Lithium-ion batteries in the 1990s tend to study a variety of portable electronic products. With the improvement of battery design technology and the emergence of new materials, lithium-ion battery applications continue to be expanded. The military has extended from the information products [mobile phones, palmtop computers (PDAs), laptops, etc.) to energy and transportation (electric cars, power grid peaking, solar energy, wind power stations), military covers the sea (submarines, underwater robots) , Land (army soldiers system, machine warrior), days (unmanned aircraft), air (satellite, spacecraft) and so on. Lithium-ion battery technology is not just an industrial technology, with the development of information industry is related to the development of new energy industry is one of the basis of modern and future life and military equipment indispensable one of the important "food" The Low cost, high performance, high power, high security, green environment is the development of lithium-ion battery. As mentioned earlier, lithium-ion batteries as a typical representative of a new type of energy, there are very obvious advantages, but at the same time there are some shortcomings need to be improved.

In recent years, lithium-ion battery positive and negative active materials, functional electrolyte research and development and application of the international community is very active, and has made great progress. Lithium-ion battery research is a constantly updated battery system, involving many new research results of physics and chemistry will have a significant impact on lithium-ion battery. Such as nano-solid electrode is likely to make lithium-ion battery has a higher energy density and power density, thereby greatly increasing the scope of lithium-ion battery applications.

Lithium-ion battery research is a cross-cutting area involving many disciplines such as chemistry, physics, materials, energy, electronics and so on. The current progress in this area has aroused great interest in the chemical power sector and industry. It is expected that with the deepening of research, from the molecular level of the design of the various structured or doped composite structure of the positive and negative materials and supporting the functional electrolyte will effectively promote the lithium ion battery research and application. Lithium-ion battery will be nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride batteries, in the future for a long period of time, the best market prospects, the fastest growing secondary battery. Lithium-ion batteries will further replace lead acid, Ni / MH batteries, continue to expand its application areas and market share. Lithium-ion battery has created a brilliant, and the future will have greater glory.