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A Basic Overview Of Laser Pointer

Jun 28, 2016

Laser flashlight official name is "laser pointer" (Laser pointer), and with the general laser pen refers to star pen different is that its shell is similar to an ordinary flashlight, larger, normal power is relatively large. The visible laser is designed to be portable, easy hand grip, laser module (diode) processed into a pen-type transmitters. Common laser pointer red light (650-660nm), green (532nm), blue (445-450nm) and blue-violet light (405nm) and the like. Generally will be reported, teaching, guided tours staff will use it to cast a reflected light or a spot light towards an object, but it may corrupt or affect the composition of place navigation, such as art galleries (some paintings photophobia), and so zoo should not be used.

Laser Pointer is a semiconductor laser, which is different from the laser pointer because of its smaller and more easy to heat, laser modules directly connected with aluminum flashlight housing

Touch, generally thicker relatively flashlight module parts, as shown below, better heat dissipation, and therefore superior stability than a laser pointer (laser pointer is a copper shell)! Laser Pointer 5mw of power in general than to a few hundred milliwatts not , and some laser flashlight (such as blue laser flashlight) power up to 1w; while some laser flashlight also has adjustable focus function, the laser beam clear and strong, longer range, most of them are used in rechargeable lithium battery (eg 18650 type rechargeable battery), section and has a safety lock, named after the outer shape of a flashlight.