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Multifunction LED Flashlight features

Jun 28, 2016

1, high brightness. Usually go out at night or road adventure complex environment, no one can guarantee that you will face what kind of situation, therefore, a high-brightness flashlight lighting tool is a must, especially on unfamiliar roads for exploration, flashlight the maximum brightness is preferably more than 100 lumens. When you need high intensity lighting, flashlight, powerless but is very dangerous.

2. High reliability. We are lighting tool requirement is "readily available" and therefore, high reliability is the most important principle to select sports lighting tools. Reliability poor lighting tool does not work at the crucial moment is deadly, the most serious may lead to life-threatening.

3. Good waterproof performance. Relative home, outdoors or explore, we must first solve the problem is waterproof against rain and wet even mention the environment. In a sense, they are all waterproof outdoor reliability of the content.