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Maintenance of outdoor lighting products-Flashlight

Sep 24, 2016

  Maintenance Flashlight 

1. Never allow eyes exposed to beam light, if not, ocular damage can be caused.

2. Do not operate flashlight under overvoltage. The nominal voltage is 3.7V.When inserting battery, the cathode should point forward. Reverse 

    insertion should be avoided, otherwise damage to board will be caused. Change of flashlight’s temperature should be carefully monitored. 

    Access to board should not be performed by non-professionals.

3. Before charging batteries, ensure the cathode and electrode is connected properly. Overcharging and over discharging is not recommended, 

    for it will shorten battery’s lifespan.

4. Before operating a flashlight, ensure every single thread is secured tightly. Any loosened thread can cause failure or poor illumination.

5. Flashlight should not be placed under high-temperature environment. Batteries must be extracted and stored in cool and dry place after 

   stopping using flashlight.

6. Every 6 months, the threads should be wiped with a clean cloth followed by a thin coating of silicon-based lubricant.

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