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High-power LED works

Jun 28, 2016

Light emitting diode (LED) is a kind of electrical energy into light can solid device, its structure is dominated by the PN junction chip, electrodes and optical system. LED is a basic principle of the electro-optical conversion process, when a forward bias is applied to the ends of the PN junction, PN junction barrier due to the reduction of positive charges P diffusion region will be N area, N area electron also to P diffusion region, the accumulation of nonequilibrium charge simultaneously formed in the two regions. Since the current injected minority carriers generated relatively unstable, the PN junction system, injected into the valence band of the hole to be unbalanced and conduction band electrons in the compound, which forms the excess energy will radiate light, energy electrons and holes the greater the difference, the higher the photon energy to produce. Energy differential of different sizes, frequency and wavelength of the light generated is different, the color of the corresponding light will be different.