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Flashlight maintenance tips

Jun 28, 2016

① When using a torch light has been weakened, it needs to charge the battery. Do not wait until the battery is exhausted, recharge; do not overcharge and over discharge to avoid damage to the battery life!

② charging overcharge, we need relatively positive and negative, not the battery positive and negative reversed. Charger indicator from "red" to charge the flashlight when "green" it is full, then unplug the charger to stop charging the battery charging time is not too long, in general 18650 batteries need to be recharged 3-6 bell.

③ holding light lamp flashlight inside wall clean, absolutely can not wipe your hand or a hard object, clear lenses or fingerprints on the glass, the available cotton swab dipped in lens cleaner and gently wipe.

④ flashlight avoid sunlight or high temperatures placed (placed at room temperature under), flashlight stop after use, remove the batteries fully in a cool dry place. Do not torch long-term exposure to sunlight, water, chemicals and rot cloud of gas and so on, to avoid damage to the torch protective layer.