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Features LED rechargeable flashlight introduction

Jun 28, 2016

Unique: adjustable focus, the lamp can be adjusted to any angle from 0 to 130 degrees, with a strobe function, achieve long-distance signal transmission; magnetically attached and waterproof design, can float on the water surface; according to the work need to choose light, work lighting.

Reliability: The entire shell is made of high-strength plastic bulletproof, after the shell with super engineering plastics, strong anti-shock, waterproof, corrosion-resistant.

Safety: one-piece isolation explosion-proof design, compact structure, can be dust, water; a battery protection function, which can effectively prevent battery overcharge, over-discharge.

Energy Saving: high efficiency LED light source, compared to traditional energy sources to 70% at the same brightness.

Economy: long-life light-emitting diodes, maintenance-free, no need to replace light bulbs, no follow-up costs.

Environmental protection: high-performance lithium battery, green, environmental protection, no pollution, no memory, low self-discharge.

Convenience: small size, light weight, easy to wear and comfortable, reducing user load.