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A brief overview of the tactical flashlight

Jun 28, 2016

Tactical flashlight as the name suggests is generally used for military operations, police flashlight tasks used in the process, in the structure, working with the general principle of respect flashlight no difference, but the tactical flashlight requires the ability to adapt to different environments, flashlight as compared to the general terms of adaptability to the environment will be stronger, for example: high and low temperature environment, waterproof sealing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, stability and so much stronger than the average in terms of flashlight .

For ease of operation, tactical flashlight ships will be equipped with remote control switch, mainly for use in the gun clip design, it can open the side while aiming a flashlight, greatly improving the usefulness of the march of the operations process.

Tactical flashlight in the spot must be more structured class round, must be very uniform, can not have dark spots and bright spots, the central spot and have a relatively smooth transition zone between the floodlight around, gradually reduce the brightness, and the center spot conical beam, to have a certain divergence angle, usually around 15 °, depending on the tactical flashlight use different different.